Our Mission

Karmiel College

Mission Statement

 Karmiel College educates the most promising leaders in the field of education this generation has to offer to ensure that the next generation of educational leaders will stay dedicated to excellence in teaching and the creation of new praxis related knowledge.

 We are committed to professional and personal excellence and to a culture that facilitates achievement, collaboration, creativity and innovation.

Since its founding in 1981  Karmiel College has been the leading post graduate training institution in its fields of expertise in Israel and overseas. Karmiel College has developed three main streams of professional development:  (1) Executive Mentoring and Coaching through its Karmiel Institute for Mentoring and Coaching, (2) Gestalt Therapy through its Gestalt Institute of Karmiel, and (3) The Institute for Excellence in Management.

At the Karmiel Institute for Mentoring and Coaching (KIMC) executive mentoring and coaching programs were developed to train mentors and coaches, provide supervision for practicing mentors and coaches and provide continuing personal and professional development opportunities for practicing mentors and coaches. The Karmiel Institute for Mentoring and Coaching’s expert faculty are expected not only to lead the training programs but also to fully and critically engage Israel’s management elite and provide executive coaching and mentoring to managers committed to excellence. The KIMC supports  research and the management and dissemination of the knowledge built and accumulated through its activities.

Within the stream of mentoring and coaching the Karmiel Institute for Mentoring and Coaching’ faculty have developed a mentoring and coaching specialty designed to impact the way educational institutions are managed and facilitate the production of high quality learning outcomes. Educators and leaders in education are being engaged by KIMC coaches with passion and dedication in answer to clear and compelling moral and professional educational imperatives stipulating that the education of our children must not fall short of excellence.

At The Gestalt Institute of Karmiel (GIK) programs were developed to train professionals with practices in psychology, social work, sociology, criminology and psychotherapy in the humanistic theory of gestalt therapy. Graduates of GIK are expected to become grounded in the application of Gestalt Therapy in their own practice and use Gestalt core skills to improve the quality of life of their clients. Within the stream of training professionals in Gestalt Therapy the GIK faculty have developed three specialties: (1) Individual, group and family Gestalt Therapy; (2) Positive Psychology and the pursuit of happiness; and, (3) The conduct of research and the dissemination of the knowledge built and accumulated through the GIK’s professional practice.

The Gestalt Institute of Karmiel operates a clinic open to the community, it provides supervision and continuing education opportunities to its graduates.

The Institute for Excellence in Management and Business Leadership (IEMBL) developed programs to train professionals with practices in Management, Human Resource Management and Marketing. The management stream has been developed in order to impact business management, to facilitate the formulation of socially responsible corporate visions, to lead its graduates to fully engage with the values of the community in which they work and contribute to its growth and well being. IEMBL graduates are equipped with critical thinking skills, a code of ethics and practice their professions with integrity.

Qualified individuals from all three post graduate streams are encouraged to study for their Master and Doctorate degrees in collaborative programs Karmiel College has designed in partnership with leading Universities in the field.

We welcome and respect differences and believe that diversity is a key to our shared sense of community and contributes significantly to the quality of our life. We foster an institutional culture that instills a sense of responsibility for the broader community and the environment. We encourage the informed and vigorous debate of ideas that support mutual respect and an exceptional learning environment that emphasizes independent critical thought, excellence in the creation of learning outcomes and the lifelong pursuit of learning.